Black Friday vs Thanksgiving

The holiday season is  finally here! Jingle bells is playing in stores, families are making winter vacation plans, temperatures are dropping and most of all Black Friday deals have arrived. Many of us anticipate Black Friday more than the precursor holiday of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a day set aside to be thankful for our many blessings and  success. However, due to Black Friday, we spend a day of thanks thinking of more material things we can add to our possession.

Associating the term, Black Friday, is as golden as adding pink (breast cancer awareness) to get an emotional marketing response. At any point in the year a retailer can state “Black Friday type deals” and I can almost guarantee their foot-traffic/page views will increase by at least 50%.  All because none of us can resist a “deal.” However, is it worth it?

The age old question of opportunity cost come into play for every consumer. Yes including myself. I too have bared the bumper-to-bumper parking lots, the in-store brawls, and the rude barley awake store cashiers. As I reviewed the Black Friday ads and surveyed the four day early tents that have been setup by fellow  Black Friday warriors, I began to remember that I have written off my plans to enjoy family and friends for a 52″ TV deal. This is the one day of the year most of my family would be together and I have decided to spend it in a retail parking lot. Is it worth it? Is it worth missing the yams, great stories, and long lasting memories? It it worth it when I work 40-50hrs a week and the TV will only been watched in the evenings and half days on Fall Sundays? Is it worth it?

So, SquareBall Marketing would like to remind all the small business owners and entrepreneurs that even the marketing campaign that has a strangle hold on the market is bases on nothing but sales, discounts, bait and switch. BUT this all equals foot traffic at any point in the year!!!

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