We know Us – Let Us think for You

In today’s modern era of social media, instant news, instant fans, instant gratification etc…. many small business are feeling more and more pressure to develop customer friendly campaign all on their own in order to present themselves as consumer friendly. Supposedly, the new age consumer needs needs to be recognized directly and personally. At least that is what the major marketing/advertising firms are pushing. BUT…… hasn’t the point of marketing, for most small businesses, always been to reach their target market directly and on a personal level??? Please do not be fooled by the trendy mass of fans and followers. These are the same tactics but on steroids! These avenues can be used sparingly and in appropriate situations. HOWEVER why fumble around wasting time on task that may or may not impact your business.

WE KNOW US. SquareBall Marketing is a consulting group that knows how to implement marketing strategies through nearly a dozen different programs. Why not let us attack your marketing plan in a way that will lead to results and solutions to company road blocks.

Remember, although more marketing resources are available, marketing done wrong can sink a ship faster than a Charlie Sheen endorsement.

We want you to be a pro at what you do, because that lets us be marketing pros for you.


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