We told you it was a bad idea!

Oh my… As we are approching two weeks from the infamous false holiday known as black Friday most of all have already forgotten what we bought, and why we stood outside. The news reports of people getting mased, grandpas getting body slammed, and gun battles in a certain box store parking lot are long but a memory. And after all the worst part of black friday is all that impulse buying will result in an inflated credit card bill, say…. Just in time for Christmas! Hey we tried to tell you. Flat screen, and computer prices are now lower than they were on black Friday, and once again Macys is having yet another “Lowest prices of the season sell”. Okay, we here at SquareBall get it, you want a deal, everyone does, you want to buy the people you love nice things, everyone wants that too. The only issue is, you can save money and increase your purchasing power by taking it slow and doing your research, before you leave the house! Check back for tips on how to save money by using your smart phone to its full potential while shopping.

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