Diversify your Marketing efforts

Diversify your Marketing efforts

Please read this great article from Inc.com. If you have questions after the read feel free to contact the SquareBall Team at squareballmkt@live.com. We know Marketing.



Economy killing your business or is it your MARKETING? AH-HAH!

Many small to mid-size business have been drained in this “new” economy. They find themselves trying to compete with the larger discount stores by driving even more LOW LOW PRICES, and Blowout sales. Many of you are not even giving that effort. The constant mindset is, “we promoted the heck out of this product/service what happened? It has always worked before!”

Have you considered that “it always worked before” is the problem? Many small to mid-size businesses can climb out of their rut by changing the marketing scheme to fit the economy and potential new customers that could benefit from your business that you did not consider in the past. The days are gone were you product/service speaks for itself. People need to get the correct message to be convinced on working with you.

How can this all be accomplished in the new economy?………You can start by, emailing squareballmkt@live.com. We Know Marketing. Stop beating your head against the wall asking the same questions and getting no results. If you, your family, and your business has changed over the years……..SO has your consumers and so should your marketing strategy.

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Now is not the time…

Knowing the heart beat of small business owners is the whole point of our exisitense. We strive to develop a complete understanding of how they view thier business and how they expect to be sucsessful. One point of conversation we always find baffling is the issue of growth. Most small business owners will swear up and down that they want to grow and make lots and lots of money. However we’ve found many owners turn very cautious after they have an established business, which actually stunts thier growth. This is completly understandable when you think about it, however it is contray to the nature of an entreprenuer. One of the key attributes of an entreprenuer is being a risk taker. If you think very hard, taking a big risk is probably one of the reasons they have a business in the first place. It could have been a finacial risk or maybe taking the risk of leaving a more stable job to work thier business full time. If we look at this more closey we discover that it might be human nature. We all can relate to working very hard for something, getting it, and then being cautious because we are afraid to loose it. The difference between good and great is risk taking. If you want to take your small business to the next level, its time to start taking some risk again. Isnt that how you got where you are now?