BlackBerry is Dead… Bum, bum, bummm

I recently took the leap back to the world of BlackBerry. Wait, don’t judge me yet, the new Z10 device, accompanied by an all new OS had many of us excited. Let me not forget to mention, I was an or original BB fan, back when the click/ scroll wheel was a thing of the future. Wo could forget BB messenger and Brick Breaker. Anyway, the current state of BB is far from its roots. A Canadian company that refused to change it business model and did not want to speed the R&D money to move its products forward. Just yesterday (6/27) , BB stock lost 26% on the heels of another quarter in the deep red. How does an organization who pumped their last bit of life blood into a new OS and a couple devices recover from such a hit… They don’t. Before the launch of the new OS, and Z10 phone, all analyst were saying this was the last stand for the trouble smartphone maker. I think they were right. All good business people know when to cut their losses and walk away…

See article below for more details on the downfall of BB.

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