Where did Customer Service Go?

I recently read a well publicized article outlining the best and worst customer service companies in America. It was shocking to see the names at the bottom of the list were still very popular, and profitable organizations. How can this be?

The term customer service has been severely misused over the past decade. We mistake “servicing the customer”, with ” customer service”. As consumers we have lowered our standards and will give almost any company our money because we have learned to accept subpar service. This lowering of standards has bleed its way to small business as well. We see time after time the absence of complete and proper service training from our small business clients. Ultimately, this is often where we begin our process of maximizing return and “working with what you already have”. Many will blame this shift in service on an under educated, under-skilled, and under paid workforce. We disagree…
First, small business owners tend to completely ignore this topic, and assume their employees are well equipped to offer exceptional service. Second, our corporate clients tend to deliver a broad, canned, watered down, message on the ” importance of good service”. It’s simply taken for granted…
The experience of SquareBall Marketing has lead us to believe that Customer service is absent because it is no longer viewed as a critical pilar in a business model. However, we believe it is, now more than ever. As our culture continues to exploit the Internet by making it easier for us to communicate, a bad customer service experience will go viral in minutes. We know this to be true because there are companies whose sole function is to clean up on-line reviews for thousands of companies. Think about it…leave us a comment!!!

Have you received exceptional customer service lately?


Are you RUNNING a business or just owning one?

Before you become knee deep in entrepreneurship assure yourself that you have this personality trait. Will you fail without it? Maybe. Maybe not. But it could make the difference between running/growing a successful business and just owning a business.

COURAGE Ladies and Gentlemen! Courage is a must have when you are in control of your own destiny. According to the Encarta dictionary Courage is defined as: the ability to face danger,difficulty,uncertainty,or pain without being overcome by fear or being deflected from a chosen course of action. This definition is very uplifting,strong,and sounds like something Mufasa would say. Much like Simba,business owners cannot be afraid to make the tough decisions.

Many business owners (especially small business owners) have perfected the ability to MANAGE the business,keep up with budgets, and work well with their team. That all is great,except where will the business be in the future? As an owner you must manage people yet Run the business. Decide where the company is regressing,what new areas of business can company the company benefit from,is the current direction good for the business? As these questions and others are answered you will truly become an entrepreneur. The bigger picture will show itself and true growth can take place for your business.