Customer Service is just as important as….( fill in the blank)

The SquareBall team has a passion for customer service. We believe its one of the simplest and most cost effective ways to retain and win new business. Our most recent post focused on the ills of social media and how it can take over or take out your business. Before you refocus all your efforts on getting that right, check out these simple signs to see if your neglecting your customers! As the owner of your organization it is key that each aspect of the business get the attention it deserves, however there is only so much of you to go around, if your not careful you will find yourself in this boat. Enjoy!

6 Signs You’re Failing to put Your Customers First


Don’t let social media kill your business

Don’t let social media kill your business

Have you heard the phrase… Look before you leap? Ofcourse you have! Well before you are need deep in Facebook likes and Twitter followers take a look at how social media can be a fail if not executed correctly. 


– The SquareBall Team

100% ROI: Taking Customer Service to the Next Level

Last month we wrote a blog on “Customer Service”. This is one of the most important aspects of business and should not be taken lightly. The funny thing about customer service is that you can spend very little money and get a huge return. Most of the things you can do to improve customer service are free! In this world of social media and information moving at the speed of light, we need to recognize that little efforts can go a long way. I recently found this article on which should give you some pretty nifty ideas on how to take customer service to the next level…without spending any money!!!!! Check it out

What Successful Entrepreneurs Have in Common

As the saying goes…To be the BEST you have to beat the BEST! Before beginning your battle to success here are a few tools to help your journey.

What Successful Entrepreneurs Have in Common

Despite the rumors, no one reaches success without any help or fortunate turns of lucky event. As entrepreneurs, we already have the mindset that we can make it on our own. Right? This is the reason we are not happy working a 9-5 building a business that doesn’t reflect our goals/passion. That might be a great reason to become an entrepreneur but not the receipe to become a successful one.

No matter how original your idea may be, there is always a blueprint (even if it is a generic version) to help you along the way. If no one has become successful, use their mistakes as your guidelines. Also, seek consultants or training documents for assistance.

Good luck in your journey.

The Formula To Make Your Dreams Real

Dreams can come true if the work behind it is strong enough to push the DREAM to reality.

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Staying motivated, staying happy and becoming successful are all trending topics in society; as they should be. There’s no getting around it. In in my own life, as well in the lives of all the people, families and children I work with – there seem to be 4 major and non-negotatiable  that we MUST have, to make our dreams real.

1. Hope. Faith. Belief. Optimism. A Vision. We must have an unwavering belief that it is possible and that it will work out. Being hopeful is what will separate you from your daily problems or concerns, regardless of how minor or major they may be. Do something everyday that gives you more hope. Do something everyday that gives someone else hope.

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”  –Helen Keller

2. Confidence. Courage. Self Image. All play…

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