32 Inspirational Quotes To Create Change!

Thank you Every Day power for creating this very motivational list of quotes.

Everyday Power Blog

32 Daily Motivational Quotes For You!

Life is more than just the pursuit of happiness. It is about the pursuit of fulfillment, meaning and growth. We all want to live a life where we believe and know that we have tapped into our true and full potential. Our greatest joys come when we are able to express ourselves through our work, our children, our contributions, our passions,  and our creations. To reach this level of fulfillment, joy and pleasure – takes change. Change is the driving force to all progress and growth. Here are some daily motivational quotes to help fuel your journey to change and personal greatness!

**TIP:** Select 2 -3 daily motivational quotes that you can commit to reading every single day. Make that the only behavior you change and then see what else changes, naturally.

“What I like most about change is that it’s a synonym…

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