4 Points of Motivation For Every entrepreneur

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Every Entrepreneur goes through the roller coaster of achieving triumph in business. There are often times where we even question if it is possible to reach the next level. FEAR NOT we are here to lift your spirits .

Celebrate the small wins

When SquareBall first began we made a promise to each aspect of the business into to a success story. Not saying that everything went well, but we know how to recognize the good from the bad not matter how big or small the win was. Not every idea is going to be a home run. Sometimes you just have to be happy with getting on base.

Go beyond the boundaries

Once the business gets going, it is very easy to get weighed down with every day struggles of running a business. The marketing/advertising strategies, the office culture, client/customer concerns, and many other issues tend to distract from the original reason why it all began. Instead of getting down and questioning the future, find time to generate new ideas like you did when you first started. Even if the ideas are not top notch, just get the creative juices flowing. Don’t forget what got you where you are.

Expect the unexpected

This is simple…Never be caught off guard. Many times we never see the storm coming. That does not stop us from building a safe house. Be mentally prepared for the lows that will come.

Don’t hesitate to milk the cow

As entrepreneurs we love to brand out into new business ventures, promotions, and other High risk high reward (HR2) ideas. We understand and support that thought process…HOWEVER don’t be afraid to use your cash cow as a back up plan. Always have new benefits to your top product/service for when these HR2 ideas don’t work out.

Being an Entrepreneur is one of the most difficult positions in business. There will be some rough patches. BUT In the great words of Winston Churchill, “Never, Never, Never Give up.”

Best of Luck and we are always here to help.

– The SquareBall Team

The perfect advertising sandwich – WASSSUP!

Years ago, many of us started our conversations, walked into plenty of bars, or answered the phone with the iconic phrase …… WASSSUP? This single phrase from a Budweiser commercial was a global craze!

The way the commercial was scripted was the perfect advertising sandwich.

Step 1: Mention the Brand (visual or verbal)
Step 2: Grab attention of the audience
Step 3: Mention the Brand (visual or verbal)

Many advertisers push to grab the attention of the audience first. However that takes the risk of having the brand lost in the messaging. Many businesses, especially small businesses, can not afford to take branding risk with prices rising in most advertising avenues .

Always remember the only important advertising is advertising that is effective.

How to sell your idea in under 3 minutes

How to sell your idea in under 3 minutes

In the world of marketing, new ideas are truly a dime a dozen. We all have good ideas, bad ideas, innovative ideas, and (my personal favorite) “better than the last idea” ideas. The question is what happens after the idea is formed. Who does it go to? How will I tell them? Will they buy in and how long will it take to convince them? Most businesses are riddled with these questions on an everyday basis.

We found a great article to help answer some of those questions and give you some direction. A great idea that stays stagnate is just an awesome dream, but a great idea that is put to work is what helps businesses succeed.

Admit you need help!

We at SquareBall Marketing have came across different clients who have enormous amounts of help in marketing, branding, advertising advice, strategic business planning, etc. No company that has been establish for some time, obtains this many concerns out of the blue.

Most problems in business are known fairly early. Running a business is similar to maintaining a car. Many of us will drive our car until the oil light comes on, gas light come on, tire goes flat, and paint begins to rust. BAD IDEA. Any car will last you as long as you constantly monitor and address the problem areas. Otherwise the whole thing will fall apart.

Excuse that long analogy but it is the same thing with business. Does your company have a problem promoting products, getting people to the event/store front/website, or finding investors? Don’t just continue with bad practices. Swallow your pride and seek help before it all falls apart.

We at SquareBall have been there before with other clients. We have no problem coming to the aide of those who need total revamping in their marketing strategies. However, you can do your business a favor and ask for help early before the problems become severe.

You are an expert in your field, but…..We Know Marketing!

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Don’t become the brand new Mercedes broke down on the side of the road, because you ignored the warning signs. (another bad analogy attempt)

Thanks for reading Admit you need help.

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