How reading can boost your business and career

Must-read books to be successful in business

Smart people learn from their mistakes. Geniuses learn from other peoples mistakes. The benefit of learning from others mistakes is the investment that you spend on yourself. Invest by learning others misfortunes you/your business grows by learning about your competition, researching the nuances of your market, and determining reasonable expectations.

It is extremely difficult to be better than those before you if you do not know what they have done or what the professionals suggest? One lesson we have learned in business (especially as consultants) is no customer/client/partner/boss HAS to listen to you. You must make your audience NEED to listen to you. Yes…NEED. You may be thinking, “They should WANT to listen”. Well it’s simple…many can thrive without the things they want, but no one can function without the things they NEED.

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What Have You Done For Me Latley???

Often times small business feel the need to promote what they have the capability to do for potential clients. What they can give potential clients. What they can collaborate on with their potential clients…… WE GET IT! You have potential! The downside for small businesses, is that every large company offers greater potential. As seen with professional sports, many people will over pay for the POTENTIAL opportunity of success. So, potential may not always be the best selling point to compete on against the surrounding competitors.

As a small business, your new clients need to see results. They need to be able to trust the little guy. Don’t feel disrespected this is all apart of building your business relationship with the client. Begin to promote the work that has been done with other clients, use images of successful projects as tasteful decor in your store front/website, and convince the new clients that your work can compete with others. See examples below:

a. Testimonials – Use testimonials of current faithful clients in your advertisement. However, make sure these testimonials include the names of notable companies,  Community leaders, of recognizable community figures. Please understand that statements from Jane/John Doe do not seem credible nor sincere.

b. – Develop a work log/Past project booklet that new client can keep. Make this small! Not only does this display your past work, but it serves as a secondary meeting after the clients leave. A small promotional item will allow the client to continue to spend time thinking of your business as the read it later. More time spent thinking of your business is more money spent at business.

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