4 Points of Motivation For Every entrepreneur

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Every Entrepreneur goes through the roller coaster of achieving triumph in business. There are often times where we even question if it is possible to reach the next level. FEAR NOT we are here to lift your spirits .

Celebrate the small wins

When SquareBall first began we made a promise to each aspect of the business into to a success story. Not saying that everything went well, but we know how to recognize the good from the bad not matter how big or small the win was. Not every idea is going to be a home run. Sometimes you just have to be happy with getting on base.

Go beyond the boundaries

Once the business gets going, it is very easy to get weighed down with every day struggles of running a business. The marketing/advertising strategies, the office culture, client/customer concerns, and many other issues tend to distract from the original reason why it all began. Instead of getting down and questioning the future, find time to generate new ideas like you did when you first started. Even if the ideas are not top notch, just get the creative juices flowing. Don’t forget what got you where you are.

Expect the unexpected

This is simple…Never be caught off guard. Many times we never see the storm coming. That does not stop us from building a safe house. Be mentally prepared for the lows that will come.

Don’t hesitate to milk the cow

As entrepreneurs we love to brand out into new business ventures, promotions, and other High risk high reward (HR2) ideas. We understand and support that thought process…HOWEVER don’t be afraid to use your cash cow as a back up plan. Always have new benefits to your top product/service for when these HR2 ideas don’t work out.

Being an Entrepreneur is one of the most difficult positions in business. There will be some rough patches. BUT In the great words of Winston Churchill, “Never, Never, Never Give up.”

Best of Luck and we are always here to help.

– The SquareBall Team

100% ROI: Taking Customer Service to the Next Level

Last month we wrote a blog on “Customer Service”. This is one of the most important aspects of business and should not be taken lightly. The funny thing about customer service is that you can spend very little money and get a huge return. Most of the things you can do to improve customer service are free! In this world of social media and information moving at the speed of light, we need to recognize that little efforts can go a long way. I recently found this article on inc.com which should give you some pretty nifty ideas on how to take customer service to the next level…without spending any money!!!!! Check it out


Where did Customer Service Go?

I recently read a well publicized article outlining the best and worst customer service companies in America. It was shocking to see the names at the bottom of the list were still very popular, and profitable organizations. How can this be?

The term customer service has been severely misused over the past decade. We mistake “servicing the customer”, with ” customer service”. As consumers we have lowered our standards and will give almost any company our money because we have learned to accept subpar service. This lowering of standards has bleed its way to small business as well. We see time after time the absence of complete and proper service training from our small business clients. Ultimately, this is often where we begin our process of maximizing return and “working with what you already have”. Many will blame this shift in service on an under educated, under-skilled, and under paid workforce. We disagree…
First, small business owners tend to completely ignore this topic, and assume their employees are well equipped to offer exceptional service. Second, our corporate clients tend to deliver a broad, canned, watered down, message on the ” importance of good service”. It’s simply taken for granted…
The experience of SquareBall Marketing has lead us to believe that Customer service is absent because it is no longer viewed as a critical pilar in a business model. However, we believe it is, now more than ever. As our culture continues to exploit the Internet by making it easier for us to communicate, a bad customer service experience will go viral in minutes. We know this to be true because there are companies whose sole function is to clean up on-line reviews for thousands of companies. Think about it…leave us a comment!!!

Have you received exceptional customer service lately?