How can a marketing consultant help you? Ask yourself these 4 questions:

How can a marketing consultant help you?  Ask yourself these 4 questions:

Many entrepreneurs go through the same progressions. They start out with a small idea the becomes a life-commitment with hopes of living the dream. Throughout the development of this “little idea” there will be all kinds of roles that are taken on because there simply is no one else to handle it and who has time to teach someone how to do what you can learn. Right? …… WRONG.

Some are fortunate enough to run their business and master the art of selling, negotiating, advertising, marketing, accounting, and all the other intangible duties that come with running business.

The smart ones realize early that no one succeeds without help. The gain back their energy to focus on day to day business needs.

So how do you know if a consultant team can help you? Ask yourself these four questions.

1) Are there opportunities or openings in my market that I want to take advantage of but can’t find the right promotion/strategy to do so?

2) Do I feel like I am constantly juggling : creating effective messaging that keeps current customers yet attract new customers, developing new products/services to stay relevant, finding and building alliances and partnerships?

3) Am I falling behind in using technology to help me find new business?

4) Are my issues primarily due to time and staff constraints and not financial constraints?

If you said yes to any of the four, we should talk. Or you should at least spend more time reading our other post the help spark some ideas for your business. Take advantage of our time and email us at

Last Minute Marketing= Bad Idea

Let me explain…

Wow, 2012 will be here in a little over a week. If your like most small business owners you are starting to get ready for tax time as well as trying to figure out how to stir up some business during the winter months. This is very smart, however we need to start thinking big picture. Most small business owners plan thier marketing efforts months at a time. We here at SqaureBall encourage a more aggressive approach.

The problem

When you plan your promtions just weeks or months before they are ment to place, you limit yourself. Your ideas dont have to take root, or to develop antagonistic thoughts. Based off of our expirence we know large retailers plan thier marketing efforts years in advance. Do you think Pepsi filmed thier Super Bowl Comercial yet, (yes), or Coke knows what they want the Polar bears will be doing on tv next Christmas? Of course they do.

The other problem

Trust us, we work with small business owners across the country. Most are ran by a very passionate, and overworked individual. We also know that these same businesses would rather not wait until the last minute to put together marketing material or plan a large promotional event, but they just dont have the time. These are the limits. When you formulate a plan a year in adavnce it gives you time to make adjustments, add, and subtract elements to accomadate market conditions. With out this time you risk a irrelevent campagin.

The solution

My Grandma once told me, “hope for the best and plan for the worst”. What she ment by this was to hold “preparation” to a higher priority. This gives you the oppurtunity to work dilgently with out worrying about time contraints a while crafting the all important contingency plan.

The other solution

Take the guess work out of it and schedule a foundational marketing appointment with
SqaureBall Marketing.

Long story short…
Know what your doing a year in advance. Review your plans monthly and make adjustments for market conditions. Make a project timeline and stick to the script. Most importantly hold preparation to a higher priority and ” hope for the best and plan for the worst”.

SqaureBall Team