Don’t Sell your Sales Short!

Early in my sales career I found that having someone on the hook was the most exciting emotion in business. The thought of a client saying yes, or signing a contract gave me a rush I have never, experienced before. Along with these emotions came a sudden case of brain pause which often caused me to throw all my formal training out the window and act on emotion alone. As I became more seasoned in my profession, I have since learned how to stay level during the entire process and stick to my winning formula throughout. Check out this article, and be aware of the most common pitfalls we make during the process!!!


Customer Service is just as important as….( fill in the blank)

The SquareBall team has a passion for customer service. We believe its one of the simplest and most cost effective ways to retain and win new business. Our most recent post focused on the ills of social media and how it can take over or take out your business. Before you refocus all your efforts on getting that right, check out these simple signs to see if your neglecting your customers! As the owner of your organization it is key that each aspect of the business get the attention it deserves, however there is only so much of you to go around, if your not careful you will find yourself in this boat. Enjoy!

6 Signs You’re Failing to put Your Customers First